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The base of off-shore credit issued in dollars and its problems


Foreign savings entering the US and its function of boosting the valuation of financial assets. But how can the dollar be simultaneously a base for off-shore dollar credit, the second aspect and condition for the existence of the dollar as a hegemonic international currency? The answer to this question is

Bankia and five other banking groups adhere to the Code of Good Practices


Bankia, CaixaBank, Ibercaja, Unicaja, Kutxabank and the BMN group have also joined the Code of Good Practices to stop the evictions of families at risk of social exclusion and the rest of the savings banks are expected to do the same. The six large boxes that make up the executive

Review of the 2010 fiscal year and growth in the US


We will give a very brief comment on the latest budget data released by the Treasury. The reference period is the fiscal year 2010. The annual budget deficit stands at $ 1291 billion, or $ 259 billion less than the deficit anticipated by the US Treasury. The US has therefore