10 dumbest decisions, according to Reddit

The Targaryen dynasty was born of fire and blood, as shown by HBO Dragon House is set to be revealed on August 21. But it wasn’t just war that earned the dragons their crowns. It was careful political maneuvering, centuries of intrigue, and a series of decisions that helped stabilize and destabilize the Seven Kingdoms.

In game of thrones, several families have had to deal with these same problems. While many of their decisions were brilliant moves that helped them win the match, others were baffling. Since politics and the road to the Iron Throne require making the most strategic moves, some brilliant characters somehow made bad decisions along the way, some even costing them their lives.


Ironborn Pride

Theon Greyjoy goes through a lot in game of thrones, mostly through his own ignorant actions. Yet, while he does a lot of ridiculous stuff, the Reddit user ninja windmill claims that one of the dumbest decisions was “Theon thinking he could take all of the North with just his own house.”

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Given that it took three dragons and several armies for the Targaryens to conquer the North, it was a ridiculous prospect to think that 20 men could bring down the greatest house in the North. Even if Ramsay hadn’t entered Winterfell, the Ironborn had no way of holding the castle for long, and he really should have gone home with Yara.

Marry for love

Oona Chaplin as Talisa and Richard Madden as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones

Although he was a brilliant commander and a genius tactician, Robb wasn’t always the smartest king of the Seven Kingdoms. “If he had just stayed faithful and married like he was supposed to, the Starks would have won the war by the end of Season 4,” says Redditor Justbusiness38.

Robb marrying daughter Frey is a major storyline that could have changed everything, but he married for love. In hindsight, it’s a major mistake, but it’s hard to blame a teenager for wanting to marry someone he was attracted to rather than one of Walder Frey’s daughters.

A dubious mission

On the same mission where the world discovered Gendry could run faster than an Olympic champion, Daenerys and Jon proved they weren’t the best at strategic planning. After sending a crew of pivotal characters, like the King in the North, beyond the Wall to prove the existence of the Night King, Daenerys was forced to mount a rescue mission to save the heroes who would truly couldn’t get out otherwise.

“She could have just taken the crew back and forth for the evidence in the first place,” Redditor Entrepreneur of the Sea1973 points out. Considering it could have saved him a dragon, it was definitely a questionable decision, especially since the army of the dead was already large enough to be seen from above.

The death of Jon Arryn

The catalyst that starts game of thrones is the death of the Hand of the King, Jon Arryn. It’s the reason Ned went south, the reason Jon Snow left for the wall, and the reason the Northern Bannermen finally rode for King’s Landing. And all because Lysa Arryn wanted to please Littlefinger by poisoning her husband.

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“She fucked everyone and led to her own downfall,” says Reddit user josephpolito1. Considering the kingdom went to war almost immediately after his death, this was certainly a major mistake. If Lysa had allowed Jon to live another day, she and Littlefinger might have had to keep their affair a secret, but at least the Moon Gate would have remained closed.

A boring king

Although Renly certainly deserved the Iron Throne, his actual quest to take it wasn’t so smart. Editor ljh2100 argues that he might have survived if he had agreed “to join his brother and allow someone honorable (though annoying, I can’t remember how Renly described it) and the heir legitimate (as they wholeheartedly believed) to take it”.

Considering this meant dividing Stannis’ forces, it ruined their chances of securing the throne. Also, Renly could still have enjoyed jousting and tournaments even if he had stayed with Stannis. He may also have been able to remain a little more discreet with Loras.

He warned them

Petyr Baelish Littlefinger and Ned Stark in Game of Thrones

There are few people more suspicious than a man who speaks slowly and proclaims how suspicious he is. Yet somehow, the people of King’s Landing trust him again and again. Editor QuantityLoL claims the worst decisions were “Anyone Who Ever Trusted Littlefinger”.

Although some things about Sansa have aged badly, her distrust of Littlefinger remains one of her brightest attributes. After all, she managed to figure out just how conniving Littlefinger could be, and she certainly turned out to be better at Game of Thrones than her father. Really, as the only one to understand it, she was brilliant.

Talk to Cersei

Ned Stark was certainly an honorable man, but that doesn’t make him smart. When he chose to reveal to Cersei Lannister his intention to expose his children as Jaime’s offspring, it was his own death knell. “I understand Ned wanting to talk to Cersei before doing anything drastic, but he should have at least talked to someone else as a backup if things were going badly,” an aptly named Reddit user said. . _Doh_.

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Although he ordered letters sent to Stannis, having trusted allies in the North was essential. Instead, he didn’t even tell Catelyn or Robb, leaving them to fight their own war, despite being completely unaware that Ned supported Stannis’ claim to the throne.

The quiet walk

Sometimes the armies of game of thrones did not make the wisest decisions, as the Battle of the Bastards proved. But Kyle Kunt claims on Reddit that nothing is dumber than “Robb Stark and his army leaving Winterfell in the middle of the night to ‘unspot Lannister spies’.”

Although Robb is tactically one of the most powerful Stark children, there have been some mind-blowing decisions. For example, a day’s drive rarely does much to cover ground while they’re still weeks away from the South, let alone the Lannister spies who would have informed their superiors of the Army’s demise. It was a strange decision, taken by all the foreigners since the whole kingdom knew he was coming anyway.

Not the best smuggler

Davos is one of the best supporting characters in game of thrones, but that doesn’t always make him the brightest. “Davos ‘smuggles’ Tyrion, Westeros’ number 1 most wanted, onto an open beach in broad daylight within sight of the town where the guards are patrolling…didn’t even bother to give him a cape to hide his incredibly recognizable/marked face,” says the Reddit user acamas.

Considering entire kingdoms wanted to see Tyrion’s head on a spike, it was truly shocking to see Davos parade him around as if nothing had happened. Tyrion may have been a genius, but this moment certainly proved he had his blind spots too. How Cersei didn’t catch it is a real question.

Not claiming the crown

Daenerys had one major goal all her life: to return to Westeros to rule. When she finally reached the Seven Kingdoms, she took the advice of a Lannister exile and chose not to invade with her forces and instead wait for reinforcements. “The worst strategic decision was Daenerys listening to Tyrion and not heading straight for the Iron Throne from Dragonstone,” says Redditor IndispensableDestiny.

Considering Cersei was certainly despised as a queen, Daenerys might have been a hero just for deposing her. Instead, she lost friends, much of her army, and one of her dragons. To make matters worse, even more people died than if she had simply moved him away sooner. This is all the more debatable, given that Aegon the Conqueror, her ancestor, had done it before her.

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