93 Emiratis become tax gurus after completing “Ghaya” program – News

A total of 93 Emiratis have become financial prodigies after successfully completing the “Ghaya” program.

The Social Contribution Authority – Ma’an honored the Emiratis – trained by 14 specialist volunteers with training in financial management – for successfully completing the financial education program, with graduates now ready to share their knowledge with their families. families and friends.

Launched in response to a social priority identified by the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Community Development, the “Ghaya” program is part of Ma’an’s ongoing efforts to improve understanding of financial management for citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi, to help them manage their finances effectively.

Over the course of the 12 weeks of the course, using theory and applied practice, the program focused on a wide range of topics across six modules. They included an understanding of the difference between wants and needs, financial products, making important financial decisions, dealing with mismanagement of money and debt, as well as personal life cycles and financial needs. .

They were also briefed on exploring different banking and investing options, and how people should save and live within their means.

Dr Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Community Development Department, said: and the commitment to hard work which has resulted in great success. Especially since the program continues to improve the financial management knowledge of UAE citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi and provide them with the necessary expertise to enable them to make the appropriate decisions to manage their affairs intelligently. financial ”.

In recognition of their commitment, successful participants received a certification in financial literacy, awarded by the LIBF, and specialist volunteers received digital trainer badges certified by the LIBF.

Salama Al Ameemi, Managing Director of Ma’an, said: “In just a few months after its launch, the ‘Ghaya’ financial education program quickly became a landmark initiative in Ma’an, which was designed to empower people. , with 93 participants today following in the footsteps of other UAE nationals who participated in our inaugural edition. “

The “Ghaya” program plays an essential role in creating volunteer opportunities for finance professionals and in promoting more collaborative communities. In addition, it also supports the overall financial well-being of the Abu Dhabi community. Inspired by their involvement and Ma’an’s mission to create a stronger and more inclusive society for all, participants will now serve as local ambassadors in their communities and share their knowledge with their families and community members.

UAE nationals were trained by a team of 14 specialist Arabic-speaking volunteers, some of whom continued to volunteer in the program after participating in the first cohort, and others who were recruited through the national platform of volunteering: www.volunteers.ae.

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