A rising force to be reckoned with

Games that test your strategic sense have been a mainstay of gaming culture, and we’ve had a few of those gems lately, most notably with Triangle Strategy. However, if you’re looking for a more fantastical experience that makes you want one more ride, Lavapotion’s Songs of Conquest is the perfect fit for you.

As a turn-based strategic adventure game, Songs of Conquest will likely be compared to the legacy of the Heroes of Might and Magic series. At the very least, it has all the positive features that will easily immerse gamers in its world, offering easy-to-understand gameplay while possessing the depth to test your mettle along the way.

Taking on the role of a Wielder, players will explore a fantasy world that comes to life in breathtaking 2.5D mode. The world is vibrant and beautifully presented, coming to life with detail that’s simply delightful whether you’re visiting a settlement or heading into enemy territory. The animation is also outstanding, displaying a range that stays fresh from start to finish. Naturally, as you seek to expand your kingdom there will be resistance lurking, and this is another area where Songs of Conquest shines brightly.

Plunging into battles that are usually resolved satisfyingly and quickly, armies clash while being governed by each unit’s initiative and an overarching timeline. You can move and attack in the same turn if there are enemies in range, and the game helpfully provides all the necessary information you need to make the best decision, whether it’s moves or attacks.

Reaching enemies isn’t always easy, especially since they can both counterattack and lash out when your units enter their zone of control. So if you rely on melee attacks, strategic planning is a must if you want to survive. Ranged combat, on the other hand, is a safer prospect, enhanced by coming into more effective range and allowing units to deal more damage. He’s not overpowered either, as the constraints of the arena tend to even out the playing field. Add to that some height advantages and you’ve got some solid tactical experience waiting for you in every fight.

We haven’t even gotten to the magic system that’s part of Songs of Conquest’s combat, which can be a little tricky to grasp. By breaking it down, different units will generate different magic points, which can then be used to cast spells your Wielder knows without any limits. However, this goes far beyond simply filling your armies with units that support your magical inclinations.

With slots to fill, you might think that having a full strength unit in each slot is the best way to go, but if you don’t have that opportunity, splitting your existing units into multiple slots will generate more points magical. at the cost of overall strength. This makes army composition a more considered matter, and even for those who may find themselves at a disadvantage in numbers, the clever use of magic can help turn the tide.

Conquest Battle Songs

Of course, hoarding all that military might won’t be possible if you don’t have a robust economy to back it up, and that figures into Songs of Conquest’s focus on resource and building management. Completing your armies requires colonies that specialize in different units, which will also require resources like gold and stone to build.

This means that your armies will need to resupply from time to time, especially when they have been involved in battles. Should you prioritize powerful units that force Porters to return home every once in a while, or just recruit from nearby settlements or villages and hope for the best? How you balance this trade-off is vital, as is the proportion of resource-generating and military buildings.

At this point, Songs of Conquest is a great experience made possible by all the different moving parts. The strategic and tactical elements provide nuance for players of all skill levels, the battles are fun and engaging, and with the exception of a few endless affairs involving paltry but boring resistance from enemy factions, it’s generally a good time in the game. whole.

With the game set to grow even further on both the single-player and multiplayer fronts, Songs of Conquest is in a great place to keep improving and delivering more of what players would want, and it’s already an exception to the standard for Steam Early Access titles.

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