After 20 years without running water, popular pastor blesses Abuja community with borehole

  • Nigerians living in the Wukara community of the Federal Capital Territory have been given a new reason to live their lives to the fullest
  • Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, Paul Eneche commissioned a water borehole in the community
  • Residents of the community praised this cleric and the church for ending their centuries-old suffering

With water being one of the most essential amenities needed for human survival across the globe, the Wukara community on Airport Road, Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, had been without a portable ‘piped’ water supply for 20 year.

The history of the community which is home to approximately 1,000 households was turned for good on Saturday, June 4, as Dunamis International Gospel Center Senior Pastor Paul Eneche commissioned projects in select communities in the Federal Capital Territory.

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Abuja Community, Wukara, Pastor Paul Eneche, water, borehole, spring water
The Wukara community has been blessed with a borehole water supply after 20 years without potable water. Paul Eneche
Source: UGC

Accompanied by his wife, Pastor Becky, the projects commissioned by the popular cleric from Abuja are among the activities launched to mark the celebration of his 54th birthday.

The project was fully funded by the Dunamis Church to support the people of Wukara and other communities who benefited from the activities.

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Overwhelmed with joy, the district head of the community, Ibrahim Dalhatu, commended Enenche and the church for always reaching out to society through their humanitarian projects.

Other community residents and beneficiaries commended the quality of the borehole and prayed to God to continue to uplift the church and the senior pastor. found that the incident brings a breath of fresh air, especially for women – wives – and schoolchildren who still woke up early every morning in search of drinking water and thus traveled late to their place of residence. learning.

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International Data on World Water Assessment

The World Health Organization (WHO) in March 2022, warned that more than two billion people live in countries under water stress which is expected to worsen in some regions due to climate change and population growth. .

According to the international organization, at least two billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces and in 2020, 282 million people with limited services or an improved water source need more 30 minutes to fetch water.

The WHO said these challenges have an increased effect on the population, exposing households to disease, with an estimated 829,000 people dying each year from diarrhea due to poor drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. unhealthy hands.

Speaking on the relief brought by the borehole and the supply of clean water for the people of Wukara, a resident of the community, Grace Paul said they were going to nearby villages to fetch water.

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His words :

“Water is a major challenge in our community, for more than 20 years now we have been struggling with constant water shortage, especially during the season. But now, thank God, it is resolved.”

Continuing, Eneche and his entourage moved to Dafara in Kuje Regional Council of FCT for the Apostolic Invasion and Dedication of the Shrine.

Empowerment items such as clothing and food items were also distributed to community residents.

The senior pastor stressed the importance of giving, saying it was the responsibility of the church to make a difference and show light to the world by providing humanitarian services where needed.

He pointed to other projects carried out by the ministry including construction of roads in different communities and states, boreholes, scholarships and donations to the underprivileged.

Motivation for such projects

Eneche said having love for God and his people who were created in his image is the motivation for him and for the church.

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He added:

“The Bible says that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. And we believe that the authenticity of Christianity is the practicality of the love of God.

“People can’t see God, but they can see what we do. They can see what the churches are doing. And that’s why we came here to show this community made up of a mixture of religions, a lot of different tribes, to show them the love of God, especially on a day like this, June 4th, my birthday .”

“I decided to appreciate God in his goodness and mercy towards me by showing his kindness to others.”

“As long as human beings exist, human needs remain. And if human needs remain, the need to continually relieve them will continue as long as human beings exist. So we do it to the extent that God gives us the power.”

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“We may not be able to do it all, but to the extent that we have the power and the resources to go ahead and do it.”

Just boil your water at home: Nigerians react as video captures man using his hands to make bottled water

A video of a young man using his bare hands to cover sets of bottled water intended for sale to the public has sparked anger online.

People who saw the video said it was bad that unemployment had caused many to become accidental businessmen.

In the clip, the man who was shirtless and without gloves neatly packed plastic water bottles on a table.

Likely future prices for bottled and bagged water

Meanwhile, reported earlier that the Water Producers Association of Nigeria (WAPAN) said the price of “pure water” could rise from the current N20 to around N50 per sachet if the federal government applied the proposed excise duty on soft drinks.

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This was revealed by WAPAN National Chairman, Eneri Odiri Jackson during an event in Lagos. Nigerians have seen a sachet of water rise three times in a year from N5 to N10 and N20.

The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives had, in August 2021, decided to modify the finance law to include levies on all carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.


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