Announcing the world’s largest art collection in history to celebrate Ukraine and raise funds

NEW YORK, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ukraine sovereignty, democracy, land, people and culture withstood a brutal attack by Russia months, but now a new global coalition of AI artists, digital innovators, educators and advocates are coming together to showcase MINT FOR UKRAINEa one-of-a-kind 1 million piece NFT collection generated by AI to preserve Ukrainian art and raise funds for aid and relief. The collection is visible on

“There is no nation without its culture. Now, with the help of AI and blockchain, we have a chance to create pieces of Ukraine remain forever in the history of the world. As we fight for the freedom of our country, join us in the fight for our culture and help Ukraine“, said Tymofiy Mylovanov, president of the Kyiv School of Economics, former Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraineand associate professor of economics at the University of Pittsburgh

A joint effort of four Ukrainian ministries (Digital Transformation, Culture, Health, Foreign Affairs), Kyiv School of Economics Foundation, Artificial Intelligent Mind Collective,, Reface, Polygon, Polygon Studios and OpenSea breaking all the rules of the typical NFT launch. The #MintForUkraine NFT collection is not only the largest art collection in history containing one million works of art, it can also be minted for free.

The collection is created by a visionary artist Phil Bosua and artificial intelligence. “I think human/AI collaboration is the next big artistic movement. We now have a direct line from thought to expression and we can create as much art as we can imagine. When we pair these ideas with a crisis world culture, art has the ability to bring about change on a scale we have not yet imagined,” comments Phil.

This NFT collection is not just for crypto-communities; because the attack on Ukraine affects us all, @MintForUkraine invites everyone to mint for free by easily creating a wallet and donating via their currency of choice or crypto. The website includes a practical guide for those new to the crypto or web3 space, building on the themes of the project to engage and involve anyone who wants to help Ukraine and protect and preserve its culture.

Additionally, for the first time, a partnership with the OpenSea NFT marketplace directs 100% of all resale value to relief efforts, making each NFT a perpetual fundraising vehicle for the relief effort.

Up to 10% of donations are intended to support Ukrainian culture (artists and cultural institutions), while the remaining 90% is devoted to humanitarian support for Ukraine, through the controlled network of charities. The aid includes the provision of medical kits, medical care and humanitarian support to the citizens of Ukrainegrants for students, scientists and technology communities whose work has been disrupted by the invasion.

Subsequently, the funds will be used for the Ukraine recovery projects. From April 18the KSE institute estimates the value of damaged infrastructure at $85 billion. The Ukrainian government believes that at least $600 billion will be needed to rebuild the country, including the hundreds of schools, hospitals and thousands of residential buildings that were destroyed.

“The enemy, devoured in his hysterical hatred for Ukraine, tries to destroy everything. Our past, our present, our future. It’s up to us to get all those things back.” – mentioned Oleksandr TkachenkoMinister of Culture and Information Policy Ukraine.

The strike starts on April 28 – join the cause via:

About the Kyiv School of Economics as a founding partner:
In a world where economic, political, technological and natural forces collide, the Kyiv School of Economics is one of the Ukraine strongest business education institutions. The Kyiv School of Economics helps lay the intellectual foundation for a strong and innovative economy of Ukrainecombining real-world practitioners, leading experts in business education, intellectual rigor and academic excellence.

About the team:
A team consists of rockstar artists, expert AI engineers, amazing blockchain developers and serial entrepreneurs preparing for a mission. Find the whole team on

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