Are the measurements sufficient to choose a financial advisor?

It’s a curious thing that in a world where hard metrics like interest, dividends, and growth are the ultimate test of how effective financial advice is, intangibles should be an integral part of customer satisfaction as well. Yet the reality is that these so-called “soft factors” in financial advice have a profound impact on the customer experience.

So what are these qualities and if they are not measurable in the same way as return on investments and other metrics, how do you recognize them when choosing an investment advisor?

What is your instinct telling you?

When we speak of “intangible” we often speak of “human” factors. These are the aspects of an Investment Advisor’s service that depend on chemistry, instinct, intuition, and their ability to communicate with you in a way that you understand. It should come down to a question as simple as, “How do you feel about your advisor?” For example, if you feel comfortable and have the impression that your advisor is putting your interests above all other considerations, that is certainly a positive point. Whereas if you feel like the advisor is just trying to sell you a product, you should take note. As humans, we are able to analyze hundreds of verbal and non-verbal cues in a very short period of time. We may not be aware of it, but often we are left with an “instinctual feeling” based on more than what our conscious brain is aware of. First impressions can be wrong, but they are also important in our decision-making process.

Do you benefit from personalized service?

Blacktower Financial Management’s ethic of professionalism, attention to detail and constant focus on the client form the backbone of our offering in the financial services industry.

We believe that it is the intangible element that gives us the advantage in our relations with our customers. We are a multilingual international consulting firm who provide a personalized and individual wealth management service that advances the financial interests of our clients while forging strong relationships between clients and advisers. As high net worth individuals, our clients generally do not wish to get involved in the mainstream routes for financial advice. On the other hand, our offices offer comfort, luxury, privacy and a team of experts offering a range of solutions based on the long-term needs of each client; from tailor-made market investments and private banking to a robust DFM investment process. In addition, our Compliance Department is on hand to ensure that any advice offered is tailored to the specific client concerned.

Blacktower financial management, professionalism with a personal touch

Clients who seek financial advice want to engage with a competent company, but the competence should be easy enough to determine even without any face-to-face interaction between the client and the adviser. For example, the first office in Portugal was opened by Blacktower in 2000.

Blacktower’s advice

The Blacktower Group was formed in 1986 and has earned its reputation by providing wealth management and retirement planning advice to clients in the UK as well as those residing abroad. Our proven bespoke service can help you reach your financial goals. With offices in the Algarve and Cascais and expat service representatives throughout Portugal, we can help you today by calling 289 355 685 or 214 648 220 or sending an email to @blacktowerfm. com.

All Blacktower Group companies are regulated / licensed in the locations where they are located. For more details on how and by whom we are regulated, please visit

We have offices all over Europe. We are a fully regulated business and have helped many high net worth expat clients protect and grow their wealth. Our competence in the financial advisory sector is clear. But competence is not enough to attract and, above all, to retain customers. It is only when a client is confident in both the tangible and the intangible factors of financial advice that they can begin to develop confidence in their financial advisor. Once trust is established, the client can be confident that the advisor is truly working with them to promote their best interests for the long term. Our expatriate clients in Portugal typically stay with us for at least 10-20 years, so building positive, trusting and lasting relationships is a top priority. Blacktower Financial Management is proud to be part of the community in which we work.

To help you structure your wealth in a way that serves your long-term interests, taking full advantage of the NHR program and the resurgent Portuguese economy, contact us today.

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