Axiom by Syntellis Performance Solutions Highest Rated for Customer Satisfaction for Business Decision Support and Cost Accounting Solutions, 2021 Black Book Survey


TAMPA, Florida, June 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Black Book Market Research LLC’s annual survey of 1,178 CFOs, financial management software users, and business unit users evaluating more than three dozen cost accounting and financial support vendor solutions business decision revealed that Axiom by Syntellis Performance Solutions achieved top customer experience and product. User loyalty scores for the fourth consecutive year in the field of competitors. Eighty-one percent of US hospitals say they do not have a relevant cost accounting system or have one that lacks data interoperability or is outdated and inadequate to address value-based care.

“The enormous disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis has justified the need for CFOs in healthcare systems to advance their digital tools to balance cost savings, returns on investment and funding through 2021,” said Doug Brown, founder of Black Book Research.

“Capturing and reducing the total cost of care is now a requirement for finance managers, and assuming all costs of inpatient, outpatient and post-acute care from all providers is a major flaw for most legacy cost accounting applications. in place that depend on fees as a proxy for cost, ”Brown said.

Ninety percent of health systems executives surveyed in the Q2 2021 report say they are now in the process of evaluating, acquiring and / or deploying more advanced cost accounting applications with a cost assessment based on time and activities, with a priority for solutions with innovative cost controls, dynamic budgeting, rolling forecasts and conversion of fixed costs to variable costs, according to survey respondents.

The average hospital margin narrowed to less than two percent and confirmed the need for accurate, accessible and actionable information on the cost of providing care for the survival of the health system. “Boards of Directors and Senior Executives conclude that understanding and managing costs is mission critical to return to pre-Covid income levels and continue to tighten the health system’s belt,” Brown said .

Black Book Market Research LLC measures customer satisfaction through 18 copyright-protected key performance indicators: strategic alignment of vendor offerings with customer mission and goals; Innovation and optimization; Training and education; Client relations and cultural suitability; Trust, responsibility, ethics and transparency; Extent of offerings; Deployment and implementation; customization; Integration and interfaces, interoperability and connectivity; Scalability and customer adaptability; Expertise and performance of the supplier’s staff; Reliability; Branding and marketing communication; Marginal added value; Financial viability and managerial stability of the supplier; Data storage services; Customer support and service; and Better Breed Technology and Process Improvement.

Axiom by Syntellis Performance Solutions received top user accolades in 9 of the 18 KPIs.

In order, the top 10 providers of cost accounting and business decision support this year are:











The full list of Financial Digital Transformation Product Rankings in 20 Functional Categories is available on the Black Book website

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