Brand balance sheet management: New WTR report takes an in-depth look at brand value and financial management

WTRThe latest special report from, available now to subscribers, explores the financial treatment of brands, reveals how value is soaring, and examines how brand professionals can carve out a new role for themselves in serving customers.

The ability to measure the value of a brand is crucial for a multitude of business reasons: to gain a 360-degree view of a company’s value; to measure a company’s health or product offerings; calculate license fees; determine reputational damage and potential damage in litigation scenarios; to support M&A decision making. The list goes on.

Formal brand valuations have been left out of common business practice for too long, with companies only truly committing to them for transactional reasons or to substantiate a case. However, the landscape is changing and there is a clear competitive advantage for corporate brand professionals and their legal advisors to adopt valuation strategies and support those charged with managing the brand’s balance sheet.

WTRThe latest special report from takes an in-depth look at brand valuation, intangible asset reporting, and strategic best practices for brand leaders. In addition to following recent industry developments and presenting a guide to the fundamentals of valuation practice, we focus on key trends, the companies with the most valued brands, and their financial performance. In addition, we present a summary of the acquisitions of the most valued brands since 2000.

The ability to manage a brand balance sheet is essential for optimizing business operations and strategic decision making. Participating in this crucial task has a number of benefits for brand professionals, from helping the team make even stronger business choices to improving their profile and levels of interaction. with other business stakeholders. INTA’s Special Task Force on Brand Value Report, released last year, underscored the critical role brand practitioners should play alongside finance and marketing professionals in financial and marketing exercises. ‘evaluation and evaluation of brands. In our new report, the association reflects on the need for trademark specialists to become brand generalists and where their nuanced understanding of brand assessment and valuation enables them to become internal strategic partners. . It also explores current industry challenges and how to improve the value and focus of internal IP teams.

The report also presents a number of articles from the WTR archives, including exclusive interviews on the topic of brand valuation and financing, an overview of best practices in tax reporting and advice on managing brand acquisitions.

The special report is available for WTR subscribers here and in our Report Center.

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