Daniel Craig was drunk when he offered ‘Skyfall’ to Sam Mendes

After numerous pandemic-induced delays, Daniel Craig’s final turn as James Bond came late last fall, ending a unique period in the franchise’s long history. The English actor helped take the series in darker directions, with an ongoing story rather than the traditional stand-alone (and often borderline camp) antics. It even drew Oscar-winning directors to the helm. One of them is the esteemed Sam Mendes, who rose from the little parenting comedy-drama We leave to, suddenly, celestial fall. And Mendes might not have gotten the gig if Craig hadn’t been a little tipsy.

On an episode The Hollywood Reporterthe podcast of Awards Speech (according to IndieWire), Craig recounted how, over a decade ago, he attended a Christmas party hosted by Hugh Jackman. Mendes, who led it in 2002 road to perdition, was also there, and at one point — when he was, as he put it, “definitely a little drunk” — sat down to chat with Mendes. And while he was slightly drunk, he realized that the director of american beauty and Revolutionary Road should lead a 007.

“It became glaringly obvious to me sitting across from him,” he says. “And so I just thought, ‘I’m probably not supposed to say this, but do you want to direct the next Bond movie? “”

The thing is, Mendes agreed. “And he just did this thing, kinda looked at me [and squinted] and said, ‘Yes.’ And then I went, ‘I’m screwed now,’” Craig remembers thinking. “I’m sure there’s someone I need to talk to about this before I offer directing jobs. It’s not my responsibility, but I was drunk!

Luckily, when he phoned series producer Barbara Broccoli the next morning, she thought it was a good idea too, saying, “Amazing. Great.”

celestial fall became the highest-grossing film in the Bond franchise, surpassing Craig’s other ventures like Casino Royale and no time to die, which may still end up losing money despite being one of the highest-grossing movies of the last year. The Bond team loved Mendes so much he helmed the sequel, Spectrum, before returning to more serious images, such as the First World War film 1917.

In other words, if you’re a famous director and you meet Craig at a party and he had a couple, you could suddenly find yourself directing a blockbuster that will make you and everyone involved , even richer.

(Going through Awards Speech and IndieWire)

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