‘Do you stay in the house and evolve it from within? I think it’s the right thing’ – Michael D’Arc

The big interview

The chief executive of the Irish Association of Investment Managers wants the organization to be part of ‘thought leadership’ in the fight against climate change, but the former politician refrains from calling on fund managers to stop funding the fossil fuel industry

In short:

Name and role: Michael D’Arcy, Managing Director, Irish Association of Investment Managers

Lives: Annagh, a few miles from Gorey, Co Wexford

Age: 52

My working day: 8am-6pm

My perfect weekend: GAA match, reading and cinema

Early bird or night owl: both – I’m not a heavy sleeper

Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram: LinkedIn

Michael D’Arcy sits sipping a Lemsip at the boardroom table that engulfs most of his desk, and thinks for a moment…

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