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Forde, 04 Feb. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EarlyBirds helps public organizations that work on behalf of their country’s government get the technology and expertise they need to boost their operations and better serve the country’s citizens. EarlyBirds is able to achieve this by connecting government leaders with innovative start-up, large-scale, and mature companies and subject matter experts who strive to solve problems that challenge the public sector. Readers can learn more about EarlyBirds’ Open Innovation System platform and services by visiting its website at earlybirds.io.

GovTech is a collection of emerging technologies that aim to modernize governments around the world. Governments are considered slow entities because they are deeply entrenched in the old way of doing things, are meticulously steeped in tradition, and are, generally, behind the times. Governments serve so many people that it is imperative that they are able to deliver their services at a pace that not only meets the pressing needs of the people, but is also capable of advancing the progress of the nation. in general. Many initiatives carried out by governments, even those that are not subject to bureaucracy, get bogged down in inefficient processes. Technology can be a key differentiator as it can help simplify labor-intensive tasks to achieve a favorable outcome faster.

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The World Bank is making targeted efforts to modernize the public sector in countries that desperately need the know-how and infrastructure to unlock the potential of the local population. Its GovTech Global Partnership Program, which was designed from the ground up to achieve this vision, has outlined four ways to achieve rapid digitization of public bodies. First, it champions the use of low-cost digital solutions such as mobile phones and free open-source applications to reach a wider population that would otherwise have been excluded from public sector participation due to a lack of resources. Second, it suggests modernizing key government systems such as public financial management, human resource management, tax administration, public procurement, and public investment management systems. The World Bank also calls for increased citizen engagement to increase transparency and give them more agency. This can be achieved through strong complaint handling and monitoring mechanisms. Finally, the World Bank recommends the continued development of digital skills in the public sector to foster innovation.

EarlyBirds asserts that recognizing and harnessing the potential of new and disruptive technologies is central to many GovTech strategies. Some technologies that can make a difference include artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, and drones, to name a few. Some countries are already using AI and chatbots to reduce administrative overhead and improve service delivery. Even mature technologies such as IT services, telecommunication services and software development play an important role in moving governments forward to improve tasks such as disaster recovery automation, asset procurement , process optimization, etc. Even Amazon recognized the need of the hour and took action by announcing the launch of the AWS GovTechStart program to improve features and services in the public sector.

However, converting the opportunities and benefits offered by digital solutions into tangible, measurable and consistent results remains a challenge for most countries. EarlyBirds can help implement organizational strategy using GovTech and other innovations to solve particular challenges. EarlyBirds offers early adopters a range of options to achieve their goals using their open ecosystem platform with over 4 million global innovators and using their Explorer and Challenger programs. These programs are specifically designed to better understand what is available in the world and also to find solutions to pernicious organizational and technological problems. EarlyBirds can even train government teams to achieve the business and technical results their organization is looking for. Alternatively, EarlyBirds can provide subject matter experts to support or supplement their activities. Based on first-hand experience, EarlyBirds also recommends a senior executive sponsor to champion this approach and work with key internal stakeholders to ensure there is the right support to achieve tangible results.

Government officials interested in taking advantage of EarlyBirds’ open innovation ecosystem platform and services can register as an Early Adopter by visiting the link: https://earlybirds.io/en /early_adopt or by contacting them to arrange an exploratory meeting. .


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