Here’s How Much Money Criminal Minds’ Aisha Tyler Is Actually Worth

It’s unclear exactly how much Aisha Tyler is worth, but Celebrity Net Worth suggests she raised $4 million. It’s an easy number to imagine, as Tyler has worked steadily in Hollywood since 1996. Tyler has made some impressive financial decisions, especially in the real estate market. Prior to their divorce from Jeff Tietjens in 2016, the couple listed their luxurious three-bedroom home for just under $2 million. They bought the house for $690,000 in 2002, according to property records (via Variety).

As for his cocktail company Courage and Stone? It’s unclear how much Tyler earned from the business, but a outfit press release revealed that the brand had seen 600% growth in the months since its early 2020 debut.

The star continues to lend his voice talents to “Archer” and recently began appearing as Mickey on AMC’s “Fear The Walking Dead.” With steady paychecks, it’s no surprise that Tyler is candid about his profits. “Well, I get paid so much money to be unfunny. Like… SO MUCH money,” the ‘Criminal Minds’ star tweeted to his followers after a troll called her not funny. “So much so that it’s been my career for two decades and I keep getting hired to do it. And people keep watching. And keep loving it.”

After two decades of success in the industry, it’s likely that Tyler’s best and most profitable days are still ahead of her as she continues to compete for roles and invest in unique ventures.

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