How to foster a culture of entrepreneurship in your organization

By Roger James Hamilton, CEO and Founder of Genius Group

When it comes to the ideal employee, there are a few things that come to mind. Someone who is self-directed, someone who can own and drive projects forward, someone who is responsible, ambitious and results-oriented, someone who knows how to get the most out of their team. These qualities tend to be entrepreneurial.

Most founders think these are innate qualities, whether people have them or not. What if I told you that your organization can encourage the emergence of this type of personality in its company? That these qualities are not only given to “superstar” employees, but rather are produced due to three main factors: job satisfaction, personal ambition and company culture.

Creating an entrepreneurial culture in your organization is a great way to encourage personal ambition and improve job satisfaction, empowering employees to take responsibility for their development and success.

Give your employees flexibility and autonomy in their role

If you want great people, you have to give them the opportunity to be great. Strict job roles, rigid systems, and an inability to be creative will make a brilliant employee bored and unmotivated. Sure, some roles require employees to follow strict guidelines and ways of doing things, but for roles where things don’t have to follow rigid procedures, give your employees leeway to take ownership of the role. and see what works. . Be firm on the results but flexible on the method.

Create an environment where it is okay to make mistakes

No one is looking to make mistakes, but sometimes that’s how we learn what works and what doesn’t. As long as everyone learns from the mistakes they make and doesn’t repeat them, you should view mistakes as a mentorship opportunity, not something completely negative. Having a space where people feel they can make mistakes and learn will encourage them to try new ways of working, to be adventurous, and to step out of their comfort zone. And some of the best results are achieved by taking these bold steps.

Forget individualism, it’s all about teamwork

Sure, it’s nice to have superstars, but no employee should be indispensable. Instead, encourage high performers to mentor other people on the team, so you can have a team of high performers and success doesn’t just depend on one person. Also, when building teams at work, make sure each person can build on their strengths. Whether it’s project management, idea generation or risk assessment, make sure teams are made up of people with different qualities so everyone has a chance to prove themselves. The Wealth Dynamics profiling tool is a great way to simply discover the profiles of each team member.

Appropriately reward employees

At a time when talent is so hard to find and retain, employees realize that loyalty doesn’t necessarily pay off and are more likely to change jobs for a better deal. The way to keep employees you like is to make sure you listen to their desires and work accordingly. Compare salaries and offer benefits that don’t have to be expensive – flexible and remote working, peer mentoring, a clear career path with what they need to do to level up, and a good work-life balance personal.

Creating an entrepreneurial culture isn’t something you can do overnight and it will take time to nurture it. Ensuring your team is happy and engaged in their work, and nurturing an open and supportive culture, will go a lot further than you might think.

About the Author

Roger James Hamilton is a New York Times best-selling author and Founder and CEO of Genius Group (NYSEAM: GNS), a multimillion-dollar group of companies, headquartered in Singapore, which currently includes companies such as GeniusU, Entrepreneurs Institute , Entrepreneur Resorts, Education Angels E-Squared Education, Property Investors Network and Antelope Valley University., Genius Group has an acquisition plan to add further acquisitions in 2022 to the Group. GeniusU is an Edtech company and platform providing over 2.9 million students with personalized learning paths and a platform used by partners to share their learning through personalized learning paths. GeniusU attracts 7,500 new students who join GeniusU every week, starting with the entrepreneur quiz to identify their path to wealth and find the next step to take now. Genius Education Angels and E-Squared Education offer education courses for young people from 0 to 25 years old. Entrepreneurs Institute, Property Investors Network and Antelope Valley University offer training courses for adults aged 25-100, and Entrepreneur Resorts is a market leading group of luxury resorts and lodges, beach clubs and entrepreneur-focused urban coworking hubs, offering business leaders professional educational retreats in exotic destinations around the world. Entrepreneur Resorts owns destinations in Singapore, Bali and South Africa and soon in the US, and has licensees launching properties in the UK, US and Greece. Entrepreneur Resorts will expand this year by adding more properties and licensees. Roger is also the creator of Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics and Impact Dynamics profiling tools, used by millions of entrepreneurs to find and track their flow.

About Genius Group

Genius Group is a global leader in information technology and education, whose mission is to disrupt the current educational model with a student-centered lifelong learning program which prepares students for the leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills needed to succeed in today’s marketplace. The group has more than 2.9 million students in 200 countries, aged 0 to 100. The group consists of four pre-IPO companies (the “pre-IPO group”) and four companies that were acquired at or shortly after the IPO. IPO (the “IPO Acquisitions”).

Our pre-IPO group’s entrepreneur training system was delivered virtually and in-person, in multiple languages, locally and globally, primarily through the pre-IPO group’s custom-built, AI-powered GeniusU Edtech platform adults seeking to develop their entrepreneurship and their leadership. skills.

The pre-IPO group includes Genius Group, GeniusU, Entrepreneurs Institute and Entrepreneur Resorts. This group of entrepreneur education companies has grown through organic growth and acquisitions, with a focus on adding value to every business through GeniusU, which is being developed to provide recommendations and personal AI-based advice to each student. The pre-IPO group is now expanding its educational system to age groups beyond its current adult audience, to children and young adults. The four IPO acquisitions are the first step towards this. They include: Education Angels, which offers early learning in New Zealand for children aged 0-5; E-Square, which provides primary and secondary education in South Africa; Antelope Valley University, which grants professional certifications and college degrees in California, USA; Property Investors Network, which offers property investment courses and events in England, the UK and Revealed Films Inc., which is launching a docu-series covering topics such as wealth building, health and nutrition , medical issues, religion and political issues in Utah, USA.

Genius Group’s plan is to combine the education programs of IPO acquisitions with its current education programs and Edtech platform under a lifelong learning system, and it has selected these acquisitions because they already share aspects of the Genius program and its focus on educating entrepreneurs. .

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