Letter to the Editor: I am ready to serve the city from day one


With over 15 years of military and government service, my resume demonstrates good management of millions of taxpayer dollars. This fiscal responsibility has continued to be a priority in my professional and personal life. Managing budgets, protecting the environment, and overseeing several complex projects and processes, while prioritizing public input, prepared me to be effective on City Council from day one.

I will take on both the financial responsibility and the oversight. After graduating from the United States Air Force Academy, I served for five years as a bioenvironmental engineer at the USAF, then continued in public service for 11 years as an environmental engineer for the USAF. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These positions required expertise to create and manage government budgets, make acquisitions and oversee millions of dollars in federal contracts. A rewarding part of these tasks was also researching, contracting and carrying out projects using small minority-owned and disadvantaged businesses, which helped them to develop and prosper. To get the most out of the value for the taxpayer, I implemented best practices, while ensuring the job was done on time and on budget. As a member of Edmonds City Council, I will continue to implement the practices of a good steward of taxpayer dollars.

Being a member of city council requires that we work with each other, the mayor, city staff, departments, contractors and most importantly, the people of Edmonds. I will seek winning solutions that balance environmental stewardship and infrastructure needs by creating cooperative relationships between all stakeholders. Developing positive relationships was a daily practice in my career. For example, as an environmental engineer for the FAA’s Las Vegas Metroplex airspace overhaul project, I had difficulty bringing the FAA and the Department of National Parks together to agree on how the planes are expected to fly over sensitive areas of the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Initially, organizations wanted totally different results. With diplomacy and perseverance, I was able to encourage FAA leadership, FAA unions and airlines to develop a collaborative relationship with a wide variety of invested organizations including: the Department of National Parks, the Nations tribals (mainly the Hualapai tribe), the Preservation offices, the state departments of ecology, the defense department of Nellis AFB, elected officials, the public and others. Together, we’ve reduced an average of 100 flights per day over the Grand Canyon and eliminated flights over Zion National Park altogether. In addition, the FAA and the airlines have fulfilled their mission of improving efficiency, safety and reducing fuel emissions. The success of the project reflected my ability to foster effective teamwork among those with diverse opinions. I will use these valuable skills to provide solutions to Edmonds’ challenges.

Once elected to City Council, you will find the same dedication, expertise and professionalism in the work I do for Edmonds. Before the board acts on a problem, I will prioritize: 1) clarifying the problem we are trying to solve; 2) that citizens and stakeholders are recognized, respected, heard and understood; and 3) that the actions taken by the municipal government of Edmonds reflect the will of the people of Edmonds, and not outside of special interests. When selecting your next City Council members, please consider candidates who have a proven track record in using a multitude of skills to effectively solve complex problems such as those Edmonds may face in the years to come. I am ready to take on the challenges of Edmonds.

Janelle Cass

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