Lincolnshire County Council’s Colin Davie reacts to the government’s energy security strategy to increase onshore wind expansion and nuclear power deployment

County councilors have called for increased short-term relief from the government’s new energy strategy as part of their own aim to create a low-carbon economy in Lincolnshire.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out a new energy security strategy which he says will make UK energy “cleaner, more affordable and safer”.

Plans will focus on the expansion of onshore wind, the number of turbines across the UK to be tripled, the deployment of nuclear power and the construction of new solar farms.

Government plans to increase onshore wind farms across the country

Councilor Colin Davie, Lincolnshire County Executive Adviser for the Economy, Environment and Strategic Planning, expressed his approval of the scheme – but believes government officials can do even more.

He said: “We welcome the publication of the strategy, although ten years too late. We support plans to develop offshore wind and increase solar production on domestic and commercial buildings. is an area where we have already made progress as a council with 57 of our buildings using solar energy.

“It is also reassuring that the government has recognized that any further onshore wind development absolutely requires the support of the local community. We need to balance power generation with the need to care for our Lincolnshire landscapes.

“The government should also consider a food security policy that reflects the value of our farmland and the need to maintain food price stability.

“While long-term energy security is essential, our residents and businesses are already grappling with increased energy costs. our most vulnerable residents.

“We would like to see more programs that will help in the short term, such as insulation and energy efficiency measures for older housing in the county. This represents a significant missed opportunity.

“We recognize as a council that we are limited in what we can do to ensure the energy security of county residents, but there are some areas where we can do more work. This includes how we generate electricity. energy for our own use, and how we dispose of waste in a way that minimizes energy consumption and maximizes energy output.

“We can also look to be better prepared when industrial opportunities arise to contribute to national and local energy security.”

Earl Davie added that Lincolnshire County Council is committed to delivering a low-carbon economy, but ‘only at a cost that residents can afford’.

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