Look at the 2022 polls, Nadda begins meetings with Union ministers

BJP chairman JP Nadda on Saturday began a series of interactions with Union ministers to streamline coordination between the party and government ahead of next year’s Assembly elections.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Interior Minister Amit Shah and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman were among those present at the party headquarters for the first such meeting on Saturday. Sources said the meetings will be held to “discuss the party’s preparations for assembly elections next year as well as to improve the implementation of the government’s social protection schemes.”

Saturday’s meeting also brought together Union Ministers Narendra Singh Tomar, Dharmendra Pradhan, Smriti Irani, Piyush Goyal and Kiran Rijijju.

This came less than a week after Prime Minister Narendra Modi held his last round of meetings with senior ministers to assess the performance of key ministries.

The party also named Bhabesh Kalita and Sharda Devi as chairmen of its Assam and Manipur units, respectively, on Saturday.

Legislative elections in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur and Goa are scheduled for early next year. The BJP is expected to be in direct struggle with the main opposition Congress in all of these states – with the exception of Uttar Pradesh, where the BJP has launched a massive exercise to reinvigorate its cadres. Two other party-led states, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, will also go to the polls by December 2022.

The BJP is in power in all of these states except the Punjab and has hosted a series of meetings of its top leaders as it strives to put on an impressive spectacle in the next round of elections.

“The crisis and confusion during the second wave of the pandemic forced the party to return to the board of directors to review our strategies. This sends a clear message that the party does not want to give in to criticism, but instead would focus on improving the efficiency of the party machinery and the implementation mechanism, ”said a senior BJP leader.

The party and government have already launched an aggressive damage control exercise after criticism of the handling of the second wave of Covid-19. The party revived organizational activities in state units, reorganizing state cadres, making new appointments and taking steps to put the narrative in its favor.

The ministers’ meeting was followed by another session with the BJP general secretaries. Prime Minister Modi has called a new meeting of his Council of Ministers on June 30.

Nadda, who has been at most of the Prime Minister’s “freewheeling” review meetings with his senior ministers in recent weeks, is to pass on the lessons and discuss how to implement them with the organization , sources said.

The meetings also saw discussions of workers’ anger over “certain issues” during the second wave. It was felt that they also needed to be appeased as some of them were affected by the pandemic, sources said.

“Improving the implementation of social assistance schemes and its implementation mechanism is a way to appease criticism against the government,” said the top party leader quoted above.

With the BJP state governments being urged to focus on the vaccination campaign, they launched publicity campaigns crediting Prime Minister Modi with launching the “largest vaccination program in the world.”

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