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Marana City Council has unanimously approved its fifth strategic plan, giving the city a roadmap for the near future.

The board voted on the plan at its regular Sept. 6 meeting. It was the culmination of months of meetings and feedback over the past seven months. It offers many new actions.

“I think it’s a great plan with a new format,” Mayor Ed Honea said. “Andrea Caicedo (assistant city manager) stomped on it and set up the format. … It’s a matter of history, it’s a matter of business, it’s a matter of leisure.

“A person can go through this format quite easily. It’s kind of directional to let people know what we’re thinking and what we’re doing. … We have updated as needed. It was a great upgrade. We still stayed on the same five topics, but the layout was so much better.

The plan’s five main themes are: Cherished Heritage, Vibrant Community, Thriving Commerce, Healthy Lifestyles and Proactive Public Services.

“I was very pleased with the process and the end result that makes Marana special and keeps it that way,” said board member Jackie Craig. “I think our mission and our strategic goals really say what’s important in this city.”

A new aspect of this strategic plan is the addition of software that will allow elected municipal officials and the public to know the progress of new projects. It’s by the company Envision and is used for strategic planning and performance management, among other things, Caicedo said.

The city hopes to have the software operational by the first quarter of 2023, Caicedo said. “This will provide a public dashboard (on the city’s website).”

“This new program will show how we are progressing…” Honea said. “You’ll be like, ‘Hey, you’re doing a rig for a park or they’re going to fund it with this. Now you will be aware of progress long before you see any movement on the site.

“There are a lot of new things (in the plan), but it doesn’t highlight everything the city is doing,” Caicedo said, “because there’s a lot going on in the community.”

So what can the people of Marana expect from the plan? Here is an abbreviated list of proposals in each of the five categories of interest:

Cherished heritage

  • A Marana Culture and Heritage Preservation Plan will be developed to provide a comprehensive record of historical and cultural resources.

  • Educational programs and initiatives will increase community awareness of the city’s rich heritage.

  • Historical heritage will be integrated into policy and planning to ensure the continuity of the city’s heritage. This will include the advanced development of Marana Heritage Park and an expansion of the current arts policy to require the integration of public art into public and private development projects that capture the city’s heritage.

  • The city will also provide places where residents can celebrate and learn about Marana’s history and traditions. To this end, the city will leverage public developments and facilities, events and amenities to incorporate artistic features and cultural expression related to heritage. Additionally, the city will identify heritage sites for a heritage museum.

Vibrant community

  • Establish a strong sense of place through the creation of unique public spaces and architecture that promote community pride. Build a Marana-scale lifestyle brand; improve architectural sites and landscaping standards: work with the Marana Unified School District, MHC Healthcare, Northwest Fire District and others to identify and develop venues for arts, music and cultural talent premises in public spaces and facilities.

  • Provide high-level public safety services that enhance Marana’s reputation as a safe and secure city: prepare an annual report that tracks the department’s performance against industry standards and recommends strategies to improve the police department of Marana; support a safe and informed community through educational programs, events and public safety investigations.

  • Provide a safe and connected multi-model transportation system to meet the mobility needs of current and future residents: update the Transportation Master Plan to support a comprehensive approach to street design; improve the safety of people using all modes of transportation by implementing programs, policies, educational resources and infrastructural improvements to minimize traffic congestion.

  • Support initiatives that improve the quality of Marana’s neighborhoods: provide programs for animal welfare, community beautification, safe disposal and recycling of hazardous waste; conduct a community needs assessment and revitalization plan that prioritizes areas in need; accept the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s invitation to become a metropolitan city and run our own community block program; encourage housing options by analyzing currently available housing and identifying incentives and codes to further diversify the housing stock and improve affordability.

  • Invite citizens to get involved and ensure transparent and timely dissemination of information through a variety of traditional and innovative platforms.

Booming trade

  • Provide an enabling environment for industry leaders, startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs at every stage of business development: Assess and implement business development tools and strategies to support retention and expanding Marana’s major employers and attracting new compatible sectors; Develop a conceptual vision, design standards and implementation strategy for downtown Marana.

  • Develop Marana’s thriving tourism industry by promoting its heritage, cultural resources, scenic open spaces and signature events.

  • Maximize the economic impact of the airport by identifying and recruiting aviation and non-aviation industries for business development opportunities: updating the airport master plan; develop a marketing plan for the airport.

  • Collaborate with educational institutions to provide educational opportunities to meet current and future workforce and community needs: commission a feasibility study, plan and strategy to attract educational institutions post-secondary education and training.

A healthy lifestyle

  • Provide a wide variety of recreational programs and amenities for residents of all ages and abilities: continue to improve recreational programs throughout the year; develop and improve sports for young people; maintaining clean, safe and accessible recreational facilities; invest in key priorities of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan; improve the network of trails and shared-use trails that provide non-vehicular modes of travel, including cycling and walking.

  • Identify open spaces and balance them with community needs: develop landscaping and irrigation design guidelines for ongoing improvements; develop and adopt an open space and wildlife conservation master plan.

Proactive public services

  • Prioritize infrastructure and maintenance that supports new growth and development in a proactive and sustainable manner: update the five-year capital improvement plan; asset development and management program; develop best practices to encourage energy conservation and sustainability; assess current development practices; establish standard principles and practices for the design of drainage facilities; study the short and long term benefits and financial impacts of annexation.

  • Maintain and secure water supply and provide high quality water and reclamation infrastructure to meet current and future customer needs: provide safe, reliable and sustainable water service; encourage water conservation; investing in new and renewable water resources and conservation efforts; invest in water supply and water harvesting infrastructure.

  • Improve the quality of the city’s public service through efficient procedures: update of the equipment master plan; provide accurate and responsive administration of municipal archives; maintain a transparent financial environment.

  • Foster a corporate culture that attracts, retains and motivates a talented workforce.

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