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MIFFLINTOWN–At Tuesday’s regular meeting, Juniata County (JC) Commissioners welcomed Carmina Taylor, representative of the next “Civic Saturday” event scheduled for May 28. The event will take place at the Juniata County Library at 9 a.m. and is expected to last approximately 90 minutes.

Taylor updated the stewards on his progress in preparing for the event. She said she had been in contact with the Juniata County School District Board of Trustees and Kenneth Dupree had agreed to attend the event.

Taylor said, “We reached out to high school students involved in poetry, choir and other activity clubs, as we are offering a stipend to all students who wish to be part of the civic gathering to perform music or poetry. “ The Guante Family Restaurant offers Mexican dishes for lunch after the event at the library.

Taylor also offered to JC Commissioners to attend the event as well.

Taylor comes to the county the Friday before the event to explore the county and see all it has to offer as well as learn about dairy and cattle farming during tours of select county facilities. She plans to visit the Junction restaurant and go horseback riding at a local farm. Taylor also plans to visit the Hazard Distillery as well as the Port Royal Expressway.

The significance of this is that Taylor is from the city and wants to learn more about our rural communities so he can better bring Pennsylvanians together.

Taylor said, “The theme of the civic sermon at the rally is to encourage and inspire people to exercise their citizenship in a way that demonstrates civic faith, civic hope and civic love and my main theme is that we are all Pennsylvanians. Taylor continued: “Even though I’m not from Juniata County, you’re still my neighbor.

Taylor pointed out that this event is also open to surrounding counties.

JC Commissioners proclaimed May as “Mental Health Awareness Month” and members of Juniata Valley Behavioral & Developmental Services (JVBDS) have joined the board. First, Bob Henry, an expert in adult mental health, read the authorized proclamation to the attendees of the meeting before forwarding it to the commissioners for signature.

JVBDS Trustee Kathy Whalen spoke to the board about the additional services they provide.

Walen said, “We also provide early intervention services. In Juniata County, there are a number of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy providers. We also serve people with intellectual disabilities.

Henry continues, “We are also running our ‘Light the Way’ campaign to light up any building or residence that wishes to turn on green lights.”

The purpose of Enlightened Structures is to raise awareness of the importance of good mental well-being and to encourage people in need of support to understand the resources available so that they can find their best path to recovery.

You can sign up for the Light the Way awareness campaign for mental health by visiting

The JC Borough Council is also allowing the campaign to string green ribbons on parking meters throughout the Mifflintown area.

Henry added: ‘We are offering free suicide prevention training to everyone as it is Mental Health Awareness Month.

These trainings will be virtual via zoom. To register and get the zoom link, please contact Juniata Valley Behavioral and Developmental Services at (717) 242-0351.

In other cases counsel:

• Acknowledged the staff resignations of Kara Strawser as Deputy Sheriff, Donald Lyter as Part-Time Deputy Sheriff and Lindsey Shoop as Director of Financial Management.

• Approved the payment of checks n° 64471 to n° 64518 for a total amount of $64,881.91

The Salary Council met to:

• Approve the reclassification of Angela Dunn’s office position to Probation Administrative Assistant.

• Acknowledge the hiring of Rachel Foltz as the Probation Administration Specialist.

• Approve the reclassification of the Director of Financial Management to Manager of Human Resources and of the Assistant Director of Financial Management to Manager of Accounts Payable.

• Approve the hiring of Joseph as Deputy Sheriff.

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