McCaslin Provides Long-Term Recovery and Subsidy Update to Tax Court | WPKY 103.3 FM

Joey McCaslin, Caldwell County Emergency Management Director

During Tuesday morning’s tax court meeting, Caldwell County Emergency Management Director Joey McCaslin provided an update on the long-term recovery from the December tornado as well as a grant for power generators. emergency.

McCaslin said the Caldwell County long-term recovery group’s number one priority is providing care and assistance to those affected by the December tornado. However, he says it’s coming to a critical stage because people aren’t answering the phone when reps call them.

click to download audioHe added that representatives spend a lot of time trying to contact survivors who have completed the long-term recovery group survey.

click to download audioAs previously reported by News Edge, the long-term recovery group is in need of volunteers to make calls next Wednesday, April 20, as the group hosts a call day to inform victims of the tornado and identify their immediate needs. Catholic Charities, which handles case management for Caldwell County’s long-term recovery effort, will provide phones and a script for volunteers to make phone calls.

Those wishing to volunteer for the April 20 roll call should email [email protected]

Additionally, McCaslin advised magistrates that the county had applied for a grant through the Pennyrile Area Development District seeking $500,000 for emergency generators.

click to download audioAs an example, he said they included the local hospital in the grant to receive a generator.

click to download audio They are also asking for three portable generators on trailers that can be used in the various county shelters as well as generators for other locations including WPKY.

click to download audioHe said they should know by October if the grant is approved, then the county can start the application process.

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