Meet Sheetal Bhalerao: Successful Woman COO of QuikShef & Mobility Ltd Wins Trendsetter Award 2022

New Delhi [India], March 19 (ANI/Target Media): One can see the rising trend in the world of global business where women are increasingly occupying the positions of COO or CEO. The change is also visible in the Indian business environment. One name that becomes visible in the current scenario is Sheetal Bhalerao of QuikShef & Mobility Ltd. Sheetal Bhalerao is one of the distinguished personalities who has proven himself in the automotive industry with his exemplary knowledge and outstanding ideas. Her contribution to her business and the empowerment of women won her this year’s Trendsetter 2022 award. The awards ceremony, held on February 24, 2022, is an annual event organized by TIMES Applaud to commend experts for their invaluable knowledge and delivery of quality and excellence in service to society.

Currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at QuikShef & Mobility Ltd, Sheetal Bhalerao is a perfect example of female capabilities. With responsibilities ranging from business strategy planning to managing the background and other management duties, Ms. Bhalerao makes a thoughtful impact on the emotional and financial health of the organization. Talking about her background, Sheetal Bhalerao holds an MBA in Human Resources and Services and is an alumnus of the University of South Australia. She has also mastered her skills in the financial segment.

Sheetal Bhalerao plans to revolutionize the automotive industry. With over 18 years of industry experience, she has excelled in various management roles. From being CEO of Yeppy Foods to becoming COO of QuikShef, the hard-hitting woman has done it all. Sheetal has a strong grip on finances. This stronghold is the result of previous knowledge she gathered while working as Accounts and Finance Manager at JZ Hospitality in Pune. In the words of Bhalerao, “As a leader, it is crucial to see that the right people are working at the right job so that a well-planned financial strategy can be executed effectively and contributes to the effective functioning of the organization. Furthermore, organizational policy should be formulated along lines that motivate employees to perform at their best.”

Under the effective leadership of Sheetal Bhalerao, QuikShef ltd has achieved record numbers in terms of sales, productivity and corporate profits. The company recorded a growth of more than 310%. Its diverse and well-planned expansion plans, considering government announcements and policies regarding electric vehicles at central and state levels, have been a game-changer. Gujarat Energy Development Agency Joy e-bike grant scheme 2021-22 has further boosted its objectives. The top manager’s meticulous planning shows her commitment to the company. This story is provided by Target Media. ANI shall in no way be responsible for the content of this article. (ANI/Target Media)

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