Ministry of Commerce imposes anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel pipes and tubes

The Ministry of Commerce has recommended imposing an anti-dumping duty on Chinese steel pipes and tubes for five years to protect domestic players from cheap imports from the neighboring country.

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The Directorate of Trade Remedies (DGTR) has recommended the duty on imports of “seamless stainless steel tubing and pipe” from China after it concluded in its investigation that the product had been exported at dumped prices to China. India, which has had an impact on the domestic industry.

“It is recommended that definitive anti-dumping duties be imposed for five years,” management said in a notification.

Seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes are used for structural purposes and for the transfer of liquids and gases. It is used in oil and gas applications; petrochemicals and refineries; atomic energy; generating sets, including nuclear and thermal.

The DGTR had conducted the investigation following a complaint from Chandan Steel Ltd, Tubacex Prakash India Pvt Ltd and Welspun Specialty Solutions Ltd regarding the dumping and the initiation of the investigation.

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Management is under the ministry.

The recommended duty varies between USD 114 per ton and USD 3,801 per ton. The Ministry of Finance takes the last call to impose these duties.

The imposition of anti-dumping duties is permitted under the World Trade Organization (WTO) regime. Both India and China are members of this Geneva-based multilateral body. The law aims to ensure fair trade practices and create a level playing field for domestic producers vis-à-vis foreign producers and exporters.

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