Netflix Users Are Loving A Surprising Horror Movie

Another month of new movies arriving on Netflix and another month of a surprising movie dominating the streaming charts. This month’s movie that is surprisingly making waves is Annabelle: Creationthe second solo film of Conspiracy Evil doll of the universe. At the time of this writing, the film was the #3 movie on Netflix yesterday and climbed to the #2 position. It’s unclear how this movie became what moviegoers decided to watch fiercely on streaming service, but the numbers don’t lie, this five-year-old horror prequel is one of the most popular movies on Netflix right now.

Conspiracy The universe is delicate. What started as the seminal film directed by James Wan spawned a series of spin-offs that became franchises in their own right, including the annabelle movies. After appearing in the first film Conjuring the Evil Doll, based on a supposedly evil doll but with a more terrifying face, Annabelle’s first solo film was rushed and suffered a critical beating but made money, which led to the follow-up, Annabelle: Creation. The 2017 prequel, which is one of the most popular movies on Netflix right now, made way for 2019 Annabelle Comes Home.

Movie buffs might recall that the film was directed by David F. Sandberg, who would use the film’s success to land the job of directing Shazam! films for the studio. Sandberg’s time in the franchise seemingly ended with “Inception,” but he managed to introduce the doll into his DC Comics adaptation as an Easter egg.

Here’s what people are saying about Annabelle: Creation be on Netflix:

The best of the entire Conjuring universe.

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