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Sydney, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This just-released edition of the BuddeComm report outlines the latest developments and key trends in telecommunications markets. –

The Strategic Plan for the Digital Economy has been operational since 2013, after an initial investment of 8 billion CFP to finance 33 action plans aimed at promoting the universalization of telecommunications and ICT services to improve economic planning and development. In 2019, the ICT segment represented 2.6% of New Caledonia’s GDP.

Most recently, in August 2020, a digital steering committee was created to focus on the country’s digital transformation agenda. The first meeting of the committee focused on the digitization of public administration services and the creation of the “Totem Place” project, which aims to connect players in the country’s technology sector.

The launch of undersea cable and satellite infrastructure has given a much-needed boost to connectivity in recent years. Communication services have been extended to rural areas of New Caledonia. Mobile coverage has increased, while more innovative Internet offerings and broadband products have become available and fiber cables are being rolled out. This enables a greater part of the population to benefit from the opportunities offered by the Internet and the digital economy, such as e-commerce, e-health and e-government services.

Key developments:

  • The Gondwana-2 international submarine cable is due to be completed later in 2022;
  • The Office of Posts and Telecommunications of New Caledonia connects 28,000 fiber customers to its network;
  • The Picot-2 domestic submarine cable system lands at Mare, after earlier landings at Ouémo, Mont-Dore, Nouville, Yate, Kuto and Lifou;
  • Tomoo Cable soon to connect New Caledonia to the Hawaiki cable network;
  • The December 2021 referendum for independence from France showed that 96.5% of voters chose to remain in France, following a boycott by pro-independence parties;
  • The report update includes OPT-NC market data, recent market developments.

Companies covered in this report include:

Office of Posts and Telecommunications of New Caledonia (OPT-NC), Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), Caledonian Society of International Connectivity (SCCI), Hawaiki Cable, Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), Orange Marine, Hawaiki Submarine Cable

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