New CFO, CPTO for mPulse

Digital health company mPulse Mobile continues its series of executive-level hires with the arrival of the chief financial officer Lara Steel and Director of Products and Technology Sanjeev Sawai.

The company said the nominations would accelerate its operations and business goals, which revolve around its artificial intelligence product, named mPulse Mobile.

“MPulse Mobile helps healthcare organizations continue to expand the use of technology to better engage digitally with their members, providers, suppliers and partners to improve healthcare outcomes,” Bob Farrell, mPulse’s chief executive said in a statement. “Sanjeev and Lara have unique knowledge and skills that augment the rich domain and technical expertise of our team.”

Stell, a CPA, has two decades of experience leading teams executing corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions. At mPulse, she will be responsible for all financial and tax management aspects of the company’s operations and will coordinate strategic planning, accounting, finance and administration efforts.

Stella recently served as Chief Financial Officer of Global Tranza provider of technology-driven transportation and supply chain management solutions that is currently associated with Global Expressan authorized UPS dealer.

“I have a strong commitment to understanding customers and driving long-term value across the business. I am thrilled to join mPulse at such a crucial time to help execute the company’s growth strategies and maximize customer value,” Stell said in a statement.

The addition of Sawai will see the strategy and product roadmap of veteran CEO mPulse as the company continues to expand its offerings. His arrival at mPulse follows his position as Executive Vice President of Products at a biotechnology software company HealthEdge.

Sawai has also held leadership positions in product development, engineering and technology at Altisource, Interactions Corp. and Automation Symtronics.

“As pioneers in digital engagement, mPulse Mobile has already accomplished so much, and there is still more to do as we help healthcare organizations improve the consumer experience with hyper-personalized engagement. within their diverse populations,” Sawai said in a statement.

“I am thrilled to lead the talented product and technology team to help extend the reach of mPulse solutions beyond the (over) 100 million consumers we serve today,” he added.

MPulse also hired another executive just over two months ago with the appointment of Bob Farrell as Managing Director, who also joined the Encino Company Board of Directors.

Like Stell, Farrell joined mPulse from GlobalTranz, where he was the company’s former president and CEO.

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