Oceanside Theater Company hires its first general manager

OCEANSIDE — After signing its new 20-year lease with the city last fall, Oceanside Theater Company has hired its first-ever general manager to help guide the theater troupe in its vision to enhance its home at the historic Sunshine Brooks Theater .

Alex Goodman, a long-time patron of the Brooks Theater and former managing director of New Village Arts in Carlsbad, has taken over as CEO of Oceanside Theater Company, the city’s resident professional performing arts company that has operated the Brooks Theater since 2011.

In his new role, Goodman will oversee the theatre’s day-to-day business operations, financial management and marketing, and be responsible for developing a comprehensive fundraising strategy to meet the needs of the company and the upcoming renovations of the theatre. theater. He is currently working on his 90-day strategic plan.

“This first month is really about listening to and meeting with stakeholders, board and staff members, and all of Oceanside’s stakeholders to get a sense of their relationship with Oceanside Theater Company,” said Goodman. .

Over the next few weeks, Goodman plans to meet with Library Division Director and Arts Commission Liaison CJ DiMento, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce President Scott Ashton, and others.

“We’re looking for strengths and opportunities in the planning phase for the next 30 days to determine what we’re going to do,” Goodman said. “Going forward and beyond, we will begin to execute on this plan.”

Oceanside Theater Company Artistic Director Ted Lieb and the company’s new Managing Director Alex Goodman stand outside the historic Sunshine Brooks Theater in Oceanside. Courtesy picture

As part of the 20-year lease agreement, the theater company is to renovate the historic theater as well as the adjoining Studio 219 building next door.

The first phase of required capital improvements to the theater will be made to its lobby and Studio 219. At least $500,000 is to be used to upgrade these two spaces with six additional freestanding bathrooms in the lobby, renovations to the hall Studio 219 bathroom, new entry doors and glazing in the lobby and Studio 219 spaces, a new HVAC system, relocation of the entry space to the living area, new concessions and the plumbing in the hall.

The second phase requires at least $300,000 to renovate the building’s current theater space. These changes will include replacing the theater and locker room HVAC system, replacing flooring and carpeting, upgrading theater sound and lighting equipment, and replacing seating to accommodate up to 200 people.

With only 16 weeks of productions throughout the year, Goodman and the board members also want to see more music, comedy and other events filling the theater with activity. The renovations will help make this possible.

According to Oceanside Theater Company board member Leann Garms, the company has already hired an architectural firm for these plans.

“We’re starting to explore what’s possible to make it a community place and it’s just sad to walk past it and see it’s dark inside,” Garms said. “It’s such a grand historic building, and we’re going to be making these renovations to activate the building as much as possible.”

Garms said the hiring of Goodman lifted a “tremendous weight” off the shoulders of the board. Before him, the all-volunteer board was responsible for everything. Now they can focus on other tasks besides day-to-day business details.

Oceanside Theater Company is one of many cultural arts organizations recognized by Mayor Esther Sanchez at the April 20 council meeting as part of her proclamation naming April “Arts, Culture and Creativity” in Oceanside.

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