Paxful takes action to build financial literacy and empower women and youth | The Guardian Nigeria News

Plans are underway by Paxful to increase financial literacy and provide Bitcoin education, bringing people together from across the continent.

Global Community and Education Manager, Paxful, Renata Rodrigues, who told Abuja, added that Paxful is planning to hold classes for the public, a masterclass for different business sectors, tours of campuses and workshops.

The organization recently hosted a “Women and the Future of Finance” event and a VIP user at its training center.

She expressed hope that the efforts would continue to drive adoption and build an even stronger economy.

She said, “I am fortunate to be able to see firsthand how Bitcoin is impacting communities around the world. In developing countries, many people lack access to traditional banking services – Bitcoin offers a financial alternative that connects everyone to the global economy, regardless of location, gender or income. In countries like Nigeria, we see Bitcoin used for everyday transactions including remittances, e-commerce, payments, and social good.

Rodrigues insisted that at Paxful, financial education is at the forefront of its mission and the organization is committed to working on the ground with communities to help more people learn about Bitcoin and how it works. can be a solid financial alternative.

She hinted that the PaxNaija Education Center, located in Abuja, aims to educate, train and inform Nigerians about bitcoin adoption.

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