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While side activities are often not profitable enough to create a full-time income, for retirees it can be the difference between making ends meet and living in luxury. A side business usually pursues something that one is naturally competent and enjoys, essentially turning hobbies into profits, which places more emphasis on choosing the one that best suits one’s lifestyle. .

In the modern age, almost anyone can become a con artist without even leaving their front door, the internet offers so many part-time, one-off or one-off jobs and lucrative opportunities.

It may be worthwhile to search for job websites with relevant keywords, such as sewing, cooking, or teaching.

However, if someone is looking to work on their own schedule based on their energy level and spare time, it may be better to start alone rather than scrambling for an organization.

Here are some of the simpler side activities that are perfect for retirees looking to supplement their retirement savings.

Surveys and mystery shopping

There are countless websites offering payments in exchange for surveys and mystery shopping, both of which seek to gain insight into how the public and customers view a business.

Websites like Swagbucks and apps like Curious Cat offer monetary compensation for their surveys alongside other offers like gift cards and feature brands or products a respondent may never have heard of before. .

These surveys can be done from anywhere at any time, and the majority of businesses instantly refund once enough points have been earned, while mystery shopping takes a little more effort.

Retailers will pay customers to go to the store and test the store customer experience, reporting after their shopping on things like the shelves are well stocked, the items are easy to find, and how easy the store is. staff were helpful and friendly.


If a mystery shopper is required to purchase something, they should be compensated for that purchase in addition to being paid to be a mystery shopper.


Starting a blog has little to no start-up costs and as a retiree it provides the opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and life lessons with a large community that may need it.

However, it requires consistency and a fair amount of technical knowledge if one is to set it up alone without paid professional help.

It can also be one of the easiest passive income streams if the blog receives enough traffic to attract affiliate marketing opportunities where ads for other businesses are placed on their blog in return for a payment.

Product testing

This opportunity is similar to mystery shopping, except that most items will be delivered direct to your doorstep and reviews are based on the product only.

Not only does this offer a good amount of money and take relatively little time, the majority of the products tested are usually free and testers can keep them after giving their opinion.

Independent and entrepreneurship

For many, retiring from a job they truly enjoy is a heart-wrenching affair, and these retirees are often eager to re-enter the workforce, even if they can’t.

By freelancing in a similar field of work, retirees can decide their hours of work, the number of clients / orders they take and how much effort they put into the business.

Likewise, starting a small business in the same field you were working in offers the same freedoms as well as greater profit than they would get in a large business.

However, unless one is well-known in their field, it can be difficult to get the first customers or clients, this is where a good understanding of digital marketing can come in handy, although many independent professionals are also available to help you.


From pets to plants and children, there is a range of different opportunities in the childcare industry, which means that a retiree can choose the industry they feel most comfortable with. ‘easy.

Pet sitting and dog walking as well as babysitting will likely require some form of insurance to give clients the peace of mind that their beloved family members are in good hands.

However, house-keeping and plant-keeping often does not require much effort other than general day-to-day chores when needed and is generally safe for those providing the services.

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