Second Annual Financial Wellness Retreat

Key takeaways include using the SMART goal setting method, the 50-30-20 expense tracking rule, the benefits of 529 college savings plans, how to take advantage of equity compensation and understanding your retirement savings personality.

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Morgan Stanley at Work today released insights and learnings from its second annual exclusive Financial Wellness Retreat, held March 16-17, for plan participants of its corporate clients. .

This year’s retreat hosted more than 11,000 plan participants, offering 30 sessions across four streams: personal finance, equity compensation, retirement planning and executive education.

Key information included:

  • Be SMART: To reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by finances, financial wellness professionals have proposed the method of setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-bound) which sets financial goals, is action-oriented, and creates a timeline to measure progress.
  • Follow the 50-30-20 rule: This rule of thumb can help track expenses, that 50% of the budget should cover essential expenses like household expenses, 30% for non-essential expenses like vacations, and 20% allocated for savings and investments . Finally, creating an emergency savings fund to cover three to six months of essential expenses is key to planning for uncertainty.
  • Use 529 Education Savings Plans to plan your education expenses: A 529 college savings plan is an effective investment vehicle that offers funding flexibility, as well as tax advantages. Contributions to these accounts are tax-free and distributions used to pay eligible college expenses are also tax-free.
  • Put equity compensation to work: Equity compensation can play a key role in achieving your financial goals if you plan for it. First, identify your financial values, goals, timeframe, and risk tolerance to ensure the equity you earn aligns. Another factor to consider is the stock concentration of your company. Morgan Stanley’s stock award analysis tool is available through its financial advisors, who can help stock plan participants analyze and manage their awards.
  • Do you know your retirement: Workplace financial advisors have identified four types of retirement personality profiles: spenders, savers, givers, and worriers. Knowing which character is most like you will make it easier to identify and avoid pitfalls, while adopting proactive solutions to build and preserve your nest egg throughout your retirement years.

“As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, employees around the world are facing new headwinds in the form of steep inflation and geopolitical uncertainty. Companies in turn are looking for holistic financial wellness programs that help employees keep their finances in order,” said Brian McDonald, director of Morgan Stanley at Work. “At Morgan Stanley at Work, we are able to help fulfill that mission through events like these, offering a world-class group of experts in a myriad of financial disciplines to provide timely education and actionable insights that help plan members through their financial journey.”

Morgan Stanley’s second annual 2022 Financial Wellness Workplace Retreat was held virtually and follows its first Financial Wellness Retreat in 2021. Content will be available to attendees upon request until 16 April 2022.

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Investors should consider many factors before deciding which 529 plan is appropriate. Some of these factors include: the plan’s investment options and the historical investment performance of those options, the plan’s flexibility and features, the reputation and expertise of the plan’s investment manager, the plan’s contribution limits and federal and state tax benefits associated with an investment in the plan. Some states, for example, only provide favorable tax treatment and other benefits to their residents if they invest in the state’s qualified tuition program. Investors should determine their home state’s tax treatment for 529 plans when considering whether to choose an in-state or out-of-state plan. Investors should consult their tax or legal advisor before investing in a 529 plan or contact their state tax department for more information. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC does not provide tax and/or legal advice. Investors should review a program disclosure statement, which contains more information about investment options, risk factors, fees and expenses, and possible tax consequences.

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