Senate PAC pledges to improve tax system and pass FRA bill

The The Senate Public Accounts Committee has expressed its commitment to an improved tax system that would control waste and corruption in the public sector.

He also expressed his support for the swift passage of the Fiscal Accountability (Amendment) Bill 2007 to enshrine transparency and accountability in the country’s public financial management systems.

The Committee made these commitments when it received in audience a group of civil society organizations (CSOs) under the auspices of the Nigeria Growth Initiatives for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) project led by the OrderPaper Advocacy Initiative visiting Abuja.

Committee Chairman, Matthew Urhoghide (PDP, Edo South), while commending members of the GIFT Nigeria project cluster for their efforts to promote common sense in the country’s public financial management systems, said the passage of the FRA bill would go a long way to reversing the trend. tendency to low revenue generation and opaque spending patterns.

He said it was unfortunate that Nigeria was not getting the right revenues in the treasury, noting, “That is why we talk about deficit. If the government agencies responsible for collecting the revenue actually paid the revenue due into the Treasury, we would have no deficit problem. If all the provisions of FRA, 2007 were complied with and the agencies supposed to collect revenue did so, we would have no problem. “Part of our duties is to provide transparency and accountability to ensure value for money when agencies spend public funds. We do this through the Office of the Auditor General of the Federation.

The GIFT Nigeria project is implemented with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Strengthening Civic Advocacy and Local Engagement (SCALE) project.

On the reason for the visit to the Senate PAC, the Head of Delegation, Mr. MacDonald Ekemezie of the Center for Transparency and Accountability (CTA), briefed the committee members on the work done so far in the GIFT Nigeria project , in particular the basic research on the remittance of public revenues.

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