Sharp rise in petrol prices in South Africa in March

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy has published its South African fuel price adjustments for March 2022.

These adjustments are bad news for South Africans, as all fuel prices will rise sharply on Wednesday March 2.

South Africans will pay R1.46 more per liter for 93 and 95 unleaded petrol, while diesel prices will increase by R1.44 and R1.48 for 500ppm and 50ppm diesel , respectively.

For non-motorists, illuminating paraffin prices will also rise – by R1.21 per litre.

The changes per liter are as follows:

  • 93 unleaded petrol – R1.46
  • 95 unleaded petrol – R1.46
  • 500ppm diesel – R1.44
  • 50ppm diesel – R1.48
  • Illuminating paraffin – R1.21

The table below shows the new selling prices for 95 and 93 unleaded gasoline compared to the current price.

Fuel Price Changes
February 2022 March 2022
93 unleaded R19.89 R21.35
95 unleaded R20.14 R21.60
93 unleaded R19.37 R20.83
95 unleaded R19.42 R20.35

These increases are not surprising given mid-month forecast by East Cape Fuels — an oil supplier that provides mid-month estimates.

East Cape Fuels forecast gasoline and diesel price increases of between R1.23 and R1.37, and rarely overestimated its figures.

Rising global crude oil prices are partly responsible for the sharp rises in fuel prices in South Africa, but according to the Organization Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa), this is far from the only reason.

Outa maintains that combined levies on motorists – which have increased by 126% in ten years – are a main reason why South Africans have to pay such high prices for fuel.

Enoch Godongwana, South African Minister of Finance

Despite these price increases, there is also good news for future fuel prices in South Africa.

During his speech on the 2022 budget, the Minister of Finance Enoch Godongwana confirmed that the General Fuel Tax (GFL) and the Road Accident Fund (RAF) tax would not be increased in the 2022/23 financial year.

This was done to provide tax relief of around R3.5 billion to South Africans.

Godongwana said he also discussed fuel prices in the country with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Gwede Mantashe.

“We formed teams. The intention is to review the fuel price and its structure in the future,” Godongwana said.

“The intention is to make sure that we can have a gas price that is competitive with this economy.”

The table below shows how much inland motorists with different tank sizes can expect to pay to fill up from March 2, 2022 compared to February prices.

Prices for filling typical vehicle tanks
tank size February 2022 March 2022 To augment
95 lead free (indoor)
45 liters R906.30 R972 R65.70
60 liters R1,208.40 R1,296 R87.60
80 liters R1,611.20 R1,728 R116.80

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