Skills development to improve abilities to “manage supply chain issues” and “operational productivity”

All organizations are in business to create value for customers, shareholders and stakeholders. With a deep understanding of this fact, the Chamber continues to help its members and the wider business community bring value to their clients. This must be done by producing quality and valuable products and services. Achieving this goal requires efficient and productive operating systems, as it is not uncommon for there to be a mismatch between the operating system and the output levels desired by the organization.


During the month of July, the Chamber will therefore host two high-impact training programs that will seek to address two critical issues currently facing countless businesses. The first “Achieve Improved Operational Performance and Productivity”, which will take place on July 25 and 26, will be offered to companies willing to supply and produce products and services that create value for customers in the most efficient way. The tools, knowledge and skills that will be discussed and shared in this workshop will expose participants to effective techniques to bring significant improvement in the productivity and operational performance of their business. Participants will learn how to review their organization’s processes; analyze areas where weaknesses exist, identify gaps and focus on improving them. Registration details are available at

The second workshop will address the problem faced by organizations around the world; “Strengthen your inventory and supply chain management performance.” This workshop will explore the fundamentals and essentials of inventory and supply chain management and their role in supporting competitive business strategy. During this workshop, scheduled for July 28-29, participants will be exposed to the tools and strategies used by companies’ best practices in inventory management and supply chain management. Participants will have the opportunity to identify and share challenges in their own organizations and have the group work in teams to develop solutions. Event details can be viewed at

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Both workshops will be moderated by Dr. Harvi Millar, President of Management Technologies. With over 30 years of experience, he is a leading consultant and training facilitator in strategic planning, business performance improvement, leadership skills development, productivity improvement, total quality management and customer service. the clientele.

The Chamber is confident that both workshops will provide participating organizations with the essential tools needed to help improve competitiveness on the global stage. It should be noted that the subject matter and the skills to be acquired are valuable skills for both public and private sector actors.

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