The group seeks the appointment of the new AGF

A civil society organization, Civil Society Groups for Good Governance (CSGGG), on Wednesday called on President Muhammadu Buhari, the Federation’s General Secretary and Chief of Service, to expedite the appointment of a new Accountant General of the Federation.

That was even as they specifically noted that the delay had “stirred the hornet’s nest, with infighting and fissures tearing Treasury staff apart – public employees who would otherwise have to channel their creative energies into better management of nation’s finances.

CSGGG Chairman Comrade Ogakwu Dominic Ogakwu, who made the call in Abuja at a press conference, said the role of AGF cannot be overemphasized as the country faces ‘crippling challenges’ , given the depletion and near-emptiness of the national treasury.

However, he called on the Head of Service of the Federation to live up to the defense of her oath of office, ensuring that the rule of public service is strictly observed in the latter.

He said, “To stop this unfortunate development and put the nation’s civil service back on the right track, the CSGGG hereby calls on President Muhammadu Buhari, the Federation Service Chief, the Federation Government Secretary and all who are charged with the sanctity of our public service system, to immediately do what is necessary and end this ungodly tendency to mock our public service and make Nigeria the laughingstock of the league of nations.

“Furthermore, the CSGGG vehemently believes that in addition to the most senior director being denied the rights due to him for his diligent service to our country, it is also true that our nation is blindly deprived of the wealth of the experience that this person has accumulated over the years, in an effort to save the nation from the current financial challenges plaguing it.

“In any case, our main concern here is that this inaction – whether by commission or omission – has stirred the hornet’s nest, with infighting and division tearing apart Treasury staff – public employees who should otherwise channel their creative energies towards better managing the finances of the nation, to get Nigeria out of the woods and breathe life into Nigerians!” he added.

He went further by suggesting that he would be somewhat recuperative if “the most senior director of the federal Department of Finance, to be redeployed to the Office of the Accountant General as the acting accountant general of the federation, pending that a fund accountant – general of the Federation would be appointed.

He, however, lamented the current recruitment process adopted to appoint a new FMA, saying there was an attempt to highlight a certain category of individuals.

He advised the head of department to be transparent in finding a competent person to occupy the AGF headquarters.

“Another issue this press conference seeks to address is the opaque manner in which the current recruitment process for a substantial accountant general of the federation is taking place.

“An evaluation of the process reveals that there is an obvious attempt to conspire with a certain category of individuals. Close examination reveals that the selection process for a substantial Federation Accountant General has been monopolized as an exclusive club boasting only directors from 2017, systematically plotting others who have also spent their entire lives in the service of their homeland. ”

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