The new Sonos speaker is launched! This simple trick offers a rare discount

It’s rare to find a Sonos product with the money, let alone so soon after launch. But that’s exactly what happened with the Sonos Sub Mini, as audiophiles can get money on the companion Sonos Beam and Sonos Ray a week after it first went on sale. This rare discount is entirely thanks to TopCashback with the money-saving website currently offering £20 off this sound-amplifying device.

To get the Sonos discount, all you have to do is join TopCashback as a new member, then purchase the Sub Mini from a Richer Sounds store.

Usually the Sonos Sub Mini is priced at £429, but the TopCashback trick will help bring it down to around £411. Sonos has just added this small but mighty device to its lineup with the speaker connecting to other products, such as the Sonos Ray soundbar, to help add more depth, bass, and sound. room-filling audio when watching blockbuster movies.

As you can read in our entirety Sonos Sub Mini Review this speaker packs a punch and really brings TV sound to life. The Sub Mini is also completely wireless, so it can be placed anywhere in the room with an outlet. Setup is easy too, and the Sub Mini’s ability to effortlessly enhance the sound of your existing speakers means it’s a must-have for those already deeply invested in the Sonos ecosystem.

So how exactly do you get money on the Sonos Sub Mini? And how does TopCashback work?

TopCashback partners with thousands of online retailers in the UK and receives a commission for referring its users to these online stores. Very generously, TopCashback then shares the commission it earns by offering it as cashback.

Cashback can be earned when orders are placed through TopCashback, and depending on the online store you are visiting, you will either be able to earn cashback on certain products or pretty much anything listed online.

In the case of Richer Sounds, you will be able to earn at least 2.1% cashback on online orders. This – coupled with the £10 new member bonus currently on offer – helps bring the price of the Sonos Sub Mini down to around £411.

To get this discount, you must first go to the TopCashback website and register as a new member. Then, while you are logged into your account, you will need to head to the Center page of richer sounds on the TopCashback website.

Click on the ‘Get Cashback’ button next to ‘Online Purchases’ and you will be redirected to the Richer Sounds website.

You just need to complete your order, then the cashback you earned will end up in your TopCashback account in seven days.

The cashback you earn can then be withdrawn either by transferring it to your bank account, by transferring it to a PayPal account, or by reloading a gift card.

However, some things will invalidate the cashback when purchasing from Richer Sounds. If you want to get money back on your order with TopCashback, you cannot purchase the Sonos Sub Mini through the Richer Sounds VIP club. You also cannot use promotional codes.

If you’re not looking for a Sonos Sub Mini but love a bargain, don’t worry, the TopCashback new member bonus can still be used on thousands of other products. The new member bonus can be used when you purchase a product for which TopCashback offers cashback rates that is worth more than £10.

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