Why Paloma Aguilar really left Big Brother according to her

Big Brother 24 guest Paloma Aguilar shocked everyone by leaving the match. Now she reveals the real reason behind her sudden exit.

Since the sudden departure of Paloma Aguilar from Big Brother 24 home during the first week of competition, fans wondered what really happened, and now Paloma is giving the real reason behind her shocking exit. Paloma, a 22-year-old interior designer from San Marcos, Calif., left the show before the first live eviction of the season due to “a personal problem”. Fans first noticed that Paloma was missing from the live streams early Wednesday, July 13, and assumed she was in the newspaper room with the Big brother production team.

During Thursday’s live episode, the show aired footage of Paloma crying that she couldn’t sleep or eat in the house. Her mental health seemed to be deteriorating and her other guests were very worried about her. His erratic behavior was noted by fans who watched live streams. She was even shown sleeping on the couch in the diary room, which was unprecedented. Later in the episode, in a taped segment, (HOH) Head of Household Daniel Durston tearfully read a message that read, “Due to a personal matter, Paloma will no longer continue in the Big Brother game. She wanted to convey that she loves you all and wishes you all the best.” Guests wept and Monte led them as they prayed for Paloma’s well-being.


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Although Paloma’s mental health seems to be the main reason for her departure Big Brother 24, some fans have speculated that his controversial treatment of fellow guest Taylor Hale may have also contributed to his exit. Fans watching the Big brother live streams, including many of the show’s prominent alumni, noticed the microaggressions that Paloma and some of the other guests were directing at Taylor, a black woman, including their unsubstantiated claim that she was “aggressive.” Paloma, a self-proclaimed “the girl of girls,” watched Taylor’s interactions with the men in the house and decided she was not a “the girl of girls.” Despite her negative feelings towards Taylor, Paloma revealed some of her Big brother game plan with her, which included targeting strong men in the house. When Taylor warned Monte Taylor that Paloma had said this, Monte confronted her and she vehemently denied it. She convinced Daniel to nominate Taylor for eviction as a replacement candidate. Paloma attempted to turn the whole house against Taylor, and she succeeded. Taylor was shown crying as she became more isolated in the house. Taylor was certain to be sidetracked until Paloma’s exit resulted in the first elimination of the season being overturned. Although many people thought that Paloma’s interactions with Taylor could have led to her exit, Paloma is finally setting the record straight.

Paloma said Taylor had nothing to do with her exit

taylor hale from big brother 24

In a statement given to We Weeklysays Paloma, “It’s crazy how people jump to conclusions with all this racist stuff – Taylor and I are actually good friends, so keep pushing her! She’s a QUEEN.” According to Paloma, she and Taylor developed a friendship before leaving the show. She blamed Big brother production for portraying them as enemies by leaving out important interactions between them in episodes of the TV show. Paloma revealed, “She and I got really close towards the end – the thing is, they cut the clips from the start and ran with it. I told her I didn’t want to hear her in the last episode because I was exhausted and I knew our daughter well enough that it didn’t even matter because she’s just trying to play [the] game anyway.”

Paloma said reality TV isn’t always real

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Paloma continued to blame Big brother production for its negative portrayal in the series. In reference to Taylor, she said, “Remember, reality TV isn’t always real. I always cheer for boss babes, I’ll never try to tear down a strong woman, and I was extremely blunt with her the first few days we didn’t. we haven’t met.” Paloma went on to say that Taylor “I haven’t tried to ally myself with any of the girls and unfortunately our convo about it didn’t go out. … Only love for this girl. Can’t wait for her to come out for that we can talk about it like two strong women.”

Paloma said Big Brother wasn’t worth the cost of her sanity

Big brother Paloma Aguilar

Paloma didn’t explain much about why her mental health suffered so much in the Big brother house, but she said that “no 750,000 dollars was worth the cost of my mental health.” It seems she couldn’t handle the pressure of being isolated in the house and playing the game. No amount of money was worth her sanity and well-being.

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Paloma’s sudden exit from Big Brother 24 sent shockwaves through the house. She put the game on a whole different trajectory when she left as the first elimination was overturned. If she had stayed, someone else might have left the game. Everyone should remember that Big brother is ultimately just a game, and Paloma’s well-being is most important. Let’s hope Paloma has recovered from her time in the Big brother lodge.

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Big brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

Source: We Weekly

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